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26in LCD TV
32in LCD TV
42in LCD TV
42in 1080p LCD TV

Introducing DRT's new range of LCD Televisions
26in tv
32in tv
42in tv
42in tv

Digital Research Technologie's new range of High Definition LCD TVs offer crystal clear picture at an amazing value.  Sporting a sleek new design, the DRT television sets support resolutions ranging from 480i up to 1080p (on select models). All TV's come with 2 HDMI ports, ATSC tuner built in, more than 16 Million colors, 1000:1 or 800:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, and packs into a space less than 4.5" deep with the TV stand removed (for wall mounting applications). DRT remains on the cutting edge of new technology offered at incredible prices.

LiveCinema 3.1 Digital Soundbar

LiveCinema 3.1
Digital Research Technology’s LiveCinema 3.1 Soundbar delivers life-like simulated 5.1 channel surround sound without the obtrusive clutter of cables and multiple speakers.

The DRT LiveCinema is a system that contains multiple speakers strategically placed within to provide multi-channel surround sound. The technology is based on HRTF, from the research of human perception of sound direction. The LiveCinema 3.1 uses a combination of digital signal processing from the front and rear channels plus acoustical geometry that complements the spacing between the ears to produce surround sound without rear mounted speakers.

Designed to be a front mounted unit under/over a flat panel TV, the LiveCinema 3.1is a great solution for home entertainment systems through its delivery of rich, immersive audio without the obtrusive, cable laden clutter of multi-speaker traditional surround sound systems. Slim and attractive, the speakers made of luxurious black lacquer. Behind the subwoofer box, there are 2 optical connectors, one digital coaxial and one analog 2.0 channel. With a built in amplifier and DTS/Dolby AC3 dual decoder, set up is a breeze.

LiveCinema 3.1
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